How to Get a Mystery Box in Pokémon GO

In June, players can enjoy the offers have been provided them by Pokémon Go. They can get a lot of experience while in the terms of contents have been assigned them to play and enjoy the extra amusement. The schedule is packed to await the players of Pokémon that they can get extra amusement in this month of June. If you want to avail the chance then you will get as much as your intention is. However, generally most of the players will chase the Pokémon but they may not avail them. If players chase an exceptional Pokémon, then that can be arduous to devise that how you will get actually. This article pours the light on the Meltan in Pokémon Go and how to get Meltan in Pokémon Go with the Mystery Box.

How to Get a Mystery Box in Pokémon GO

Steps for Getting a Mystery Box in Pokémon GO

When you are trying to join the game then there is dire need of first copy of Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu! or Let’s Go Eevee! So, you have a choice to play either game. In this way, you can download your selected game from Pokémon Go. Thus, you have an option to send one of the Pokémon from your box to Pokémon Home. While utilizing the Go Transporter energy, if you can use the Go Transporter energy then you will get the move your selected Pokémon from your box to your mobile game either Let’s Go Pikachu! or Let’s Go Eevee!

How to Get a Mystery Box in Pokémon GO


There are following steps to transfer Pokémon to either game or to Pokémon Home:

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  • While launching of the Pokémon Go app, you have to choose the Pokeball symbol.
  • Setting Thoroughly and to move down up to end of the screen.
  • You can link it with your Nintendo Account after choosing your Pokémon Home.
  • Log in your Nintendo account and then insert your confidential personal know how then to link your account.
  • If you are linked then your account will demand an option to “Send Pokémon.”
  • If you have selected that option then you will download your Pokémon to Pokémon Home.
  • After the selection of a Pokémon, you have to click on Transport option to download a Pokémon.
  • In this way, you have to avail a Mystery Box which allows you to capture Meltan.
  • When you move ahead from Pokémon a Nintendo Switch- fashionable game. For this purpose, you have to follow these steps necessarily.
  • Before the enabling your Bluetooth, you have to select the Switch option of Nintendo.
  • You have to conform to switch on the Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu! or Let’s Go Eevee! after the choosing the Quick Start option.
  • After that log in to the Nintendo Switch to connect your account.
  • If you are linked with your account then you will download either Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee! or Let’s Go Pikachu!
  • If you download the Pokémon immediately then you will get Mystery Box that provides you a chance to capture a Meltan within 60 minutes. A particular Lure is a Mystery Box that induces in Meltans encompass the areas. While using your 60 minutes with intellect to discover a Meltan for capturing.
  • If you intend to operate another Mystery Box coax then you will want to capture the extra Meltans then make it your buddy. Now, you have 400 Meltan candies which act according to your intention. Thus, you can nurture your Melmetal also.


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