PUBG Battlegrounds New Map Deston Teased: To Bring New Vehicles

PUBG Battlegrounds is thoroughly ready to acquire a latest map later this year, as it had been released in new trailer that was Update 18.2. The map is popularly known as “Deston” and it will comprise on the exciting latest elements namely swampland and skyscrapers. The scenarios of various places were released before the teaser. Trailer indicates these sites and locations including skyscrapers, swamps, and the sounds like the modern vehicles. The teaser image indicates that the players will be successfully driving small boats through swampland and struggling in the conflict over water.


PUBG Battlegrounds

PUBG Battlegrounds has been set its feet in new era because of it is aired free of cost to play. In this way, it captures new warlords to enter in the great battleground. Capturing a vast number of the players, it is hard nut to crack to maintain the pressure of those newly entered players. So, that they could not take flight so their interests have been kept at the first place. The latest map will render its services in a such way that the players who have joined just, will make their strong perception to play. But, they will also attract the new contenders to PUBG Battlegrounds.

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For the senior players of this game, there will be a huge change to contend, they find the exceptional skyscrapers PUBG Battlegrounds. For the first time the game has been experimented at large and vertical structures. The impression will be probably the diversity in conflict and travel across every level as the contenders will have to do an extra work with in terms of placement and movement during the conflict.


It will be fascinating to watch if they determine to handle the articles up in the latest map. It will provide a new pattern to the players to connect themselves with the fighting arena. The major instrument of game was the battleground and starting of the battle royale genre. If there is late then the sufferings will be enhanced, the game compare its contemporaries namely Warzone, Apex Legends and Fortnite.

As the number of players are increasing day by day, so, the game is continuously improving its quality of features, background scenarios, sound and content. It seems that game maintains the interest of the players or ever more to attract. There are some issues of game but these are resolved by the latest map and keeps the game’s momentum alive.

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