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In Fallout Shelter game, you have to construct the hypogenous cellar to protect your people from the nuclear attack and its radiations
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In Fallout Shelter game, you have to construct the hypogenous cellar to protect your people from the nuclear attack and its radiations. You as a commander of your people to move them in the hypogeous cellar where you have constructed the spacious rooms and tunnels with luminosity. In this way, the people will able to survive with your assistance. Now you call your friends to spend much time to save the people from external and internal threats. You with your friends provide them opportunities and resources.

Fallout Shelter Mod Apk

Now you are in a basement cellar, you have to construct the spacious rooms to connect them with other less spacious rooms. Don’t forget that you have not to construct the rooms at fast pace because it requires more energy and the fast building will lessen your energy and capability. When you play this game, you have to unlatch the characters with unbounded gold and money. So, you can pay for every character to assist you in game otherwise you cannot win. In this way, you may prevail on your problems to move ahead in this game.

Mod Features

Unlimited Resources

In Fallout Shelter Mod, after the nuclear strike the all-human beings have been set down in the hypogeous cellar and you have constructed the rooms and tunnels to save your people from the nuclear radiations. So, in underground cellar, you have to train your people for their survival.

In bunker they must prepare to fight against enemies but with new weapons as well as invent a new technology to save the people from the nuclear radiations and make the land able for sowing. For this, you need unbounded resources that may unlatch the characters which will help you to fight against enemies and improve your cultivation.

Fallout Shelter Mod Apk Gameplay

In Fallout Shelter game, you have to construct the bunkers and move the people before the nuclear strike to save them from the nuclear radiations. Because you are the top brass of your hypogeous cellar. On the same time, you may create different works to do but the nature of work is according to the skills of people.

In this way, the gameplay provides lot of amusement. However, you have to bridge the connection of your people with external world that what kind of activities are going on there. Except this, you have to convince to your people that they must do work for their betterment and to fight back with the biggest rivals and make the Earth a peaceful planet.

Fallout Shelter Mod Apk Game Features

Construct the Cellar

In Fallout Shelter game, you have to construct hypogeous cellar and other strong cemented bunkers to protect your people from Nuclear Bomb’s attack and its radiations. In this perspective, amusement keeps no meaning. Every person is at the risk of and to live is crucial for all. Now, you have to construct hypogeous cellar and you may guide the people to move to the cellars.

In hypogeous cellar, there are spacious rooms and these rooms are well connected. These rooms are best shelter for your people where you will provide them enough provisions, water and electricity for their survival. In case of enemies attacked on your city with nuclear bomb then it is certain that radiations must emit which are very harmful for life.

These radiations must reach at your hypogeous cellar but your cellar is protected from the emission of radiations so, the underground animals like mice and other arthropods come out in much quantity. They are with radiations in their body to attack on your cellar’s rooms. To protect your people, you need to obtain the arms and ammunitions to save the cellar.

In this way, you have to protect your people for time being but you may compel your people to live in the cellar for long time because of radiations that are dangerous for their life. For this, you have to construct power stations and reactors to enhance the cellar’s energy. Because, there is no light and other use able machinery in the hypogeous cellar.

Setting up Community

In Fallout Shelter game, when you are building the hypogeous cellar and move your people inside the cellar for the protection. After moving your people in the cellar where you have constructed the radiation proof rooms and you have to defend your people from the attack of mice and arthropods.

Now, you have several characters in the hypogeous cellar so, you can form a particular community to assign them a task or work to do something. This community will help you to invent new technical instruments and other necessary articles for their need. This makes different from the rest of games.

Excellent Graphics

In this game, you are the commander of your people and army but now you are saving the people from nuclear bomb’s radiations. The graphics of this game is very attractive. The nuclear blast and its radiations plus bunkers under the cellar and even the arthropods and mice seem real. These graphics have the qualitative touch just like Dragon City Mod Apk. So, the players are easily switch from another game to Fallout Shelter.

Fallout Shelter 2

Relations with External World

When you have moved your people to the hypogeous cellar where you have constructed the rooms and tunnels. Now, it is up to you that what kind of technology you have to move your people to outside world that nuclear radiations could not affect. When you come out from the cellar with your people then use such technology that soil will be able for growing crops. With newly invented weapons, you must defeat the powerful enemies to save the Earth’s environment and humanity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is it necessary to construct cellar and rooms?

Yes, it is necessary to construct the cellar and rooms because, you have to move the people there.

Q2. Is it necessary to assign jobs to the people?

Yes, it necessary to assign the jobs to the people to form a community and train them to fight with arthropods and mice as well as with mighty enemies.

Q3. Is this game safe to play?

Yes, this game is safe to play.


Fallout Shelter Mod Apk is very interesting and different game in which you will lead your people to construct the hypogeous cellar, rooms and tunnels before the moving your people below to save them. There you will provide them the job opportunities to invent new things which save you from the nuclear radiations and with this technology you will also able to sow the different crops. In this way, you are the savior of your people and champion of the Earth. Thus, this game attracts the players to play.

What's new

It’s Fallout’s 25th Birthday and Vault-Tec is celebrating with the first NEW content in, well, quite a while...
- New Party room theme to bring the celebration atmosphere to your vault.
- New Questline. Can you discover the Alien Secret?
- New Enemies (Aliens, Protectrons and other surprises)
- New weapons, outfits and characters.
- Alien Drone Pet. It's so cute.

All this PLUS it’s Halloween in the Vault.
- Spooky Room Theme
- Limited Time Halloween Outfits and Quests


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