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In mafia city mod apk you have to build your gang, collect important weapons and collect your money to fight with the raiders.
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If players intend to play a game with strategic importance, then mafia city apk mod is the best game. This game is widely played and it’s users are in millions. In this game players can assemble their own band, recruit the raiders and design their own tribes with other contenders. Then purchase the sophisticated arsenals and brand-new cars. In this game, when players drive cars then they can talk with pretty women and grasp every article in their own hands.


In mafia city mod before the player can start, the game gives him permission to be the boss who will have ultimate power to do anything if he intends. Although, do not fail to remember that there are likewise sharks encircling the players. Any incautious activity can be players last moment in the game. Round the clock players ponder over the future of their band.

In this way they stretch their base and lead the operations against criminals, who trafficking of arsenals in the underworld harbor and establish a latticework of connections. The big wigs of outlaw’s city becomes the warlords.

Gameplay of Mafia City Hack Apk 

Mafia city app has simulated a real lawbreaker’s arena, where as the game is completely with dark colours, arms and ammunitions. Players’ expedition is to play the character of Tommy to assemble the band of criminals, to be a part of plundering gangs. To reach the highest status of king, players have to strive hard, this is their utmost struggle.

Except this, there is a chance to wage an online war with criminals, that happens regularly. This game is for all ages and for all nations or races of the world. If players can involve in the fierce battles to become a Godfather, then the players have to fight instead of seeing dreams.

Mafia City Mod Apk Game Features

Charming Story

In mafia city mod apk unlimited gold the main theme is in last 30s. Tommy was cab driver, who was unintentionally had a brawl with the outlaws and after that he was dragged in to the incomprehensible Mafia world. When Tommy met with Salieri family, he was feeling uneasy but the lucrative rewards and the smell and beam of currency had made his eyes hazy, he was compelled to do such business.

In this way he faced the danger and taking unexpected risk to earn handsome amount of money. As he earns a lot, he becomes the big wig. In the last Tommy earns his esteem from Salieri’s. When Tommy reaches on the height of such esteem, he becomes perplexed. In this context, he ponders over a lot, then he confronted himself for new life that unintentionally espoused.


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Unearthed New lands

In Mafia City game players have to race up to 12 square miles on the roads and streets of the New Heaven city. In this city, which is familiar in America, where the culture and architecture of Great Depression assemble in the history. While driving a fast car, players may contend with influential and dangerous gangs of criminals to rout them in their stretched territorial arena.

Diversity of Mission

In this game, players can attack and disperse the criminal bands with sophisticated weapons. Mafia City game has more than 20 fierce assignments to do, motivated by occasions in the US in the last 30s. Players will feel totally different when they will be part of these missions.

Ammunitions and Automobiles

In Mafia City game, players have arranged the 60 legendary cars for the operation with sophisticated weapons and ammunition. In this perspective players avail the latest weapons like assault rifles, TT pistols, Machine Guns, interlock guns, shotguns etc.

Mafia city

Set up Base

In this game, players construct their base and moderate it, then unlatch and moderate buildings. In this perspective players have to construct the more buildings because these buildings produce its own impression. For instance, if players intend to unlatch the army, then they first get support from the training center.

Now players intrude in the pirate’s market, players can utter with their chums, hospitals cure their injured army personal. Except this, they have to survey other buildings like security centre, investment centre, black market. In this context, the gangsters are ready to fight with them for the ultimate victory. The gangsters such as:

  • Squabblers: In round the clock fight, players may contend with ferocious characters.
  • Snipers: Players who are target shooters and use all types of weapons and target the criminals in the speed of light to break the seize while hitting them with submachine guns, assault rifles, cannons and more.
  • Bikers: Players move as fast as aeroplane to chase the criminal’s vehicles, this type of action is a nightmare for all gangsters.

Game for Everyone

Mafia City game’s players are in millions throughout world but it has only one server. This server has a professional system, that has ability to interpret the languages, nearly the all languages of world’s nations or races. The basic rule in Mafia is no tolerance.  If you avoid to kill the rivals, then the next day criminals will shoot you.

Sounds and Graphics

Mafia City game designers has kept impressive graphics and melodious sounds that may arrest the contenders to play and get amusement just like Kiss of War Mod Apk. Even designers maintain the Mafia aesthetics in this game. In this way players can play game in congenial environment. So download mafia city mod apk and enjoy.

Mod Features

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Currency

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

[su_spoiler title=”Q1. Is This Mod Version Safe?” open=”yes” style=”fancy” icon=”caret”]Ans: Yes, for your Android devices, this version of Mafia City is in fact risk free.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Q2. Is Mafia City Offline or Online game?” open=”yes” style=”fancy” icon=”caret”]Ans: This Mafia City mod version is offline but if you intend to play then you have to download it for online while using your mobile data and apk online Mafia apk. After doing this you will enjoy lot of the fun and amusement.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”Q3. Is there unbounded money and everything?” open=”yes” style=”fancy” icon=”caret”]Ans: When players unlock the constructed buildings they may get money, coins, gems, unbounded and all articles that you demand to moderate apk mod version.[/su_spoiler]


Mafia City game is an attractive story with fascinating characters. The main theme of this story is to defeat the criminals in the fastest speed otherwise players themselves will be routed. This game has excellent graphics and sophisticated gameplay. It is recommended to play not only amusement but also improve the by intelligentsia.

What's new

New Content】
1. New Event: Mafia Banquet

【New Features】
1. Armament Set: Silverfury Armament Set has been added.
2. [Roadster Refurbishment] Event: New Armament Set Part Tasks (Starts August 26th, 2022 at 00:00 (City Time))

【Optimization & Adjustments】
1. Search Feature Optimization: The search pop-up window will not close if the searched Mercenary can't be found.


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